Monday, March 22, 2010

IN THE MOOD MONDAY: Spring Break Sex 101 - An Introduction to Getting Laid in Miami

While searching the net I found this article rather funny!....Enjoy!!

by Matt Meltzer

     We can all sit here and talk about “getting away” and “getting some sun” or even “getting hammered,” but there is really only one thing we all go on Spring Break to get, and that is “laid.” The month of March is basically human mating season and the State of Florida is our sacred mating ground. On a typical weeknight in March you can stroll the sands of South Beach and see dozens of couples consummating night-long relationships with people who will forever be known as “Blonde Dartmouth Guy” and “Kinda-Chubby Back Tat Girl.” Because names, like so many other things on Spring Break, are secondary to the sex.

     I used to think that sex on Spring Break was another frat-boy overexaggeration like threesomes with strippers and “good grades.” But the longer I’ve lived here, the more I’ve found that sex on spring break is not only common, but more or less expected. By both sexes. So as an experienced Spring Break hooker-upper, I will impart the wisdom I have gained along to you here today.

“But Matt,” you say “You’re a guy. So this guide will be all well and good if you have a Y chromosome and are partial to Ultimate Fighting and strippers. But what about us ladies? Where’s our guide?” And that, ladies, is an excellent question. My advice to women would probably not extend much past “Show up and bring condoms,” but through intensive interviews with experienced female spring breakers, I have produced a guide that will be helpful to you too.

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