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Interesting Aaliyah Facts

I found this on a message board:

By the time her campiagn with tommy hillfigure ended their profits rose over $66.2 million dollars

Aaliyah's grandmother made her star search outfit

When she got her first royalty check diane told her not to blow it all on waffles

Aaliyah once pushed a boy down the stairs for being mean to her

The first song she ever recorded in the studio was old school

Aaliyah was born at 6:50 PM and also died at 6:50 PM

She once performed in a talent show with her friends doing en vouges hold on (she was dawn)

During the shoot for got to give it up during the first take she was walking up the hood of the car she fell off the car and did backwards flip before falling on the ground the director kept playing the clip over and over again lol

While she was performing one in a million on stage a dancer was supposed to rip her suit of but he couldn't get the pant leg off so he left her walkin around the stage with half the suit still on her

During a radio show with a whole bunch of celebrities aaliyah thought she was lookin hot and was full of confindence and was struttin her stuff and thought the glass booth door was open but it wasn't and she smashed into the door and had to pretend for the rest of the show she was okay lmao

Aaliyah had a horrible habit of fallin asleep through movies

At the time of her death aaliyah had signed 7 movie deals

Keith Wallace was supposed to get married on Sept 7 2001

Rashad and Aaliyah always had fights about who ate the last ice cream scoop

Aaliyah had a dream of being a spokesperson for cancer

Everytime Diane phones Missy Diane starts to cry and asks Missy why it had to be her daughter

Damon would make everyone be quiet if Aaliyah was trying to sleep and everyone else was up

The main reason Aaliyah was able to pull of the crying scene in RMD was because it was on the anniversry of her grandmothers death

Aaliyah like to chase the crew of QOTD around with blood in her mouth pretending to bite them

Kidada has said aaliyah and damon would not get married if she had a say in it

Christina Aguilera said aaliyah asked her once to perform at her wedding

Gladys Knight and Barry Hankerson were the first non immediate family members to see aaliyah when she was first born

Rashad and Aaliyah are 18 months apart

the first line Aaliyah ever spoke on stage was "your gonna get the paddle in annie "

During the last scene in QOTD she was airbrushed gray teeth included and wore alabaster contacts

She prayed before every meal and before going to bed

She owned a big pair of false teeth and woke Missy up frequently doing the crying scene from RMD while wearing the teeth trying to get her to laugh

Yeah she had a thing for the teeth when she first met Mac from RMD she was wearing the teeth and he kept lookin at her like who is this girl she needs braces!

And she tryed to play a joke on Jet Li and used the teeth during the deleted kissing scene but he didn't laugh until the director yelled cut lol

aaliyah was a skunk for halloween in 99

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