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Friday, March 26, 2010


Nike pushes forth another solid AM1 for spring. Variations of grey accentuate the smooth lines of the classic runner, while hints of a Sorbet-like orange bring forth a feel that is strictly warm weather. Now in stock at Premier.

Reebok Pump Twilight Zone

Reebok is going old school this spring with the release of their Pump Twilight Zone. These came out back in 1990 and is now making a come back next month. You might want to keep these in mind whether you’re stepping out on the court, or just stepping out. The black colorway is crazy!

Air Jordan 1 Phat and Air Jordan Alpha 1 Summer 2010

Here is a preview of the upcoming Air Jordan releases. First up is the Air Jordan 1 Phat and the Air Jordan Alpha 1. They present several new colorways, with the perforated versions and mesh versions being the most interesting ones. Also the Air Jordan 1 Phat 20 is dropping this Summer. The sneakers are coming out May and June 2010.

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